Saturday, June 6, 2015

365 x a bazillion

Ok so I guess I am a little bit behind.

 Helping Finley


 Unicorn Parade

 I can now go to sonic without having a panic attack.  lol

 Sliding down the giant ant hill



 I couldn't stand my ugly fan so I painted it

Fabric hoarder

My scar belly sneetch

What a fun mess to clean up

Face down babies, garbage truck, and playmobil people sleeping.  Should I be worried?

My new friend Scuba

Fueling up on a bagel before the game

Maybe I should just get her a dog bed


Hunting eggs in pj's

All of these zippers and not one invisible one

Anniversary trip without the kids = snacks and booze

3rd father/daughter dance

too many trash people

Even Matt has taken to playing with the playmobil people

I guess Ringo is a ladies man

She could probably eat the whole thing

Chalking fun

Where did my baby go?

Isn't it easier to do one puzzle at a time?

When life gives you lemons, put them in a pretty Dansk Kobenstyle

She loved the dress I made her this year for the dance

Here comes Junie

Bear butt


A little sewing for me in the future

Hidden glass

The pile that keeps reappearing no matter how many times I clean it up

Juniper's new ride

A dinner for Juniper which she probably won't touch.  Picky little bugger.

Clown is trying a new way to wear her ears

I see a theme here

Color makes me happy

I love the entrance to the school garden

I was actually trying to clean the house Juniper

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

365 x 2

Dress like the Cat in the Hat day

 Nice choice of pillow Clown

I smile every time I see this room

 Pool time


Equal parts sweet and naughty

Nice choice of shoes Juniper :)

 George and Ringo are excited I finally made them new bedding

 Ipads are so boring sometimes

 Finley has a new favorite movie

 Cookie fun with friends

 Missed it

 She doesn't know not to eat the core

Sister tablet bonding time