Tuesday, January 22, 2013

365 - Done

Well I'm finally finished with my 365 project.  The most surprising thing about the whole thing is that I finished.  I did cheat a little and didn't take pictures some days and made up with it by taking more on others.  I finished though and that's all that matters.

In the end I'm super glad I did it because it was such a big year in our house.  No I didn't get a lot done around the house, but I did grow a human.  Go me!

the after xmas mess


Crafties for Carrie

Someone grew a beard overnight

Who says the bumbo is just for babies

It's been a great year!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

365 X 2

Just hanging around

I almost stepped on The Skipper

Coloring with Daddy

Daddy and his girl

I even heart Marimekko eyeshadow


The littlest reindeer

Glad we have a modern nativity set

Break time for mom

Only place she wants to be

Matching shoes for the girls

Emily you are a bad influence

Christmas Eve fun

Could she be more thrilled