Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, I realize I'm a bit late. I have been putting off this post since then. I have no idea why though. I guess I was just being lazy and didn't want to take the pictures.

When Matt had his art show a while back I saw this awesome wall unit in our fabulous friends shop Out of Vogue. I loved that it had a ton of storage and unlike most vintage wall units it stands alone rather than bolts to the wall for support. That night I took a picture of it and also measured it to make sure that it would fit in the spot I wanted to put it.

Here it is in the shop.

The next morning I measured the spot and it turns out that it would fit just perfect with absolutely no room to spare. I guess I could have put it somewhere else if it didn't fit, but I really wanted to put it against the wall by the front door.

So for Mother's Day my wonderful husband got it for me. Here is how it looks in our house. I love it more than I can say. I love that I have a great place to display my vintage glass and some of my over-sized everyday items. I also love that it houses our dvd's and cd's so we don't have to look at them all of the time. There is also room for some of our records once we decide to move some into the house from the garage.

Please ignore the crown molding. I've been too lazy to paint it.

I added this on just because I think this little girl is cute!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Finley's Room So Far

Progress on the house has been slow coming due to finances and my just being lazy. Summer months are a bit lean around here since Matt only gets paid 10 months a year.

Finley's room has been coming along pretty good despite the lack of finances. Most of the furniture that's in there now is stuff that we already had. The bed and headboard are actually the only things we have gotten new for her.

Here are a few pictures of her room so far.

Ultimately I'd like to get her a new larger rug but these will do for now.

I'm planning on painting her bookcase red since it is still green from our last room. Ultimately I'd like to find her one that is just a tad larger though.

I also need to paint the inside and outside of her closet still. It's such a pain in the butt job that I have been putting it off.

I want to paint the dresser inside of her closet at some point too. My brother had this dresser in his room when he was little. My mom painted it red, white, and blue for him.

Don't you just love the random electrical plug on the wall? I tried hiding it the best I could by painting the outlet cover the same as the wall color.

This side is looking a ton better since I took the ugly train table out. Now all of her train tracks are in the chest on the left. I'm still not sure if I want to dress the box up a bit. Maybe glue some decorative paper to the sides or something.

This side is the least finished so far. I still want to put up some shelves in the corner and also hang some music pictures on the wall. I have a poster from this show in which Matt played in 2 of the bands so I thought it would be a fun thing to put in her room.

All in all though I think it is coming along pretty well.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Project Done!

I may be on a roll. Ha ha.

My sister gave me a kid sized coat rack a while back that looks like a giant pencil. It was in primary colors so it didn't really go with Finley's room so I decided to paint it in more appropriate colors. I also added a little personalization which makes it super cute. Plus, who doesn't love over-sized everyday objects.

Here it is before minus the hooks which I had already taken off but was too lazy to put back on for the picture.

Here it is now!!! I LOVE how it came out. The paint needs some touch up in spots but it will do for now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First Pinterest Job

Many of you know the addiction that is Pinterest. You find all of these amazing, fun, creative, and yummy things to do and make. If you're like me you have tons of pins but haven't even tried to make anything.

I like seeing the things my friends find and the things of mine they pin. I was joking with my friend Carrie the other day that we are all going to end up with the same decorations, the same clothes, and the same foods at our parties because everyone is pinning the same things. It's kind of funny.

So the other day I decided to actually put one of the ideas I found on Pinterest to the test. The idea originally came from Ready Made magazine (which I already subscribe to and love by the way).

Some of you may remember the sand box I made Finley a while back. It was an old hope chest that my mom found that had no lid.

I turned it into this. Look how little she was.

Since we moved to the new house I hadn't set up the sand box because I thought it would be a good idea to set it on pavers this time rather than directly on the dirt like it was at the old house. So last week Matt and I worked together to do this.

I painted them and he set them. Doesn't it look great? I love the colors and love the way it makes a little ledge around the sand box. Don't mind the gazillion toys in the box with Finn. She wanted every toy "in" the box with her. How she found a space to dig up sand I don't know.

Eventually I am going to make a little fenced in area with pavers so Finley can have her own little spot in the yard. Something along the lines of this, but cuter.