Saturday, September 20, 2014


It's coming up on that time of year again.  Halloween always reminds me of being a kid and dressing up in the awesome costumes my mom always made me.  Whatever I wanted to be she would make it happen.  A spider, no problem.  An alien complete with a paper mache mask that smelled like spray paint that I could barely see out of, check.  Inhaling that paint all night probably explains a few of my quirks. 

So when I had kids I knew I would always make them whatever they wanted to be too.  The first few years Finley didn't really have an opinion on what she wanted to be so I always made her something she was really into at the time.  Except the first year when she just wore a monkey costume I got at Old Navy on clearance. 

In preparation of starting on the costumes this year I thought I'd reminisce of Halloweens past.  Maybe I will actaully get a little inspiration to start now so I am not staying up past midnight the whole week before Halloween.

Ack!  Look at that little monkey

 Mary from Jack's Big Music Show.  Finley was really into this show at the time.  It wasn't a super popular show so nobody knew who she was.  lol

Pinocchio and Geppetto

Ringo from The Yellow Submarine

The Mad Hatter

 Rainbow Dash and Spike the Dragon from My Little Pony.  This was my first year having to make two costumes.  Since Juniper was too young to really be into anything I just decided to have her coordinate with Finley.
This years costumes are already planned and I actually already have patterns for both already.  I mean I am not making them exactly from the patterns just using them as a base.  Material for Juniper's has been sitting on the dryer for about 2 weeks.  I had grand plans of starting hers as soon as the fabric was out of the dryer.  That didn't happen. 

This year Juniper is in love with Yo Gabba Gabba so we are going with a character from there.  Finley picked a rather strange costume this year.  She loves Gilligan's Island and actually wanted to be Gilligan for a while but she changed her mind.  I was actually kind of excited because it seemed like a really easy costume.  She plays a game on her kindle called My Singing Monsters and she wants to be one of the Monsters from it.  Should be fun and a lot of work. 

So stay posted and I may actually show you this years costumes sometime this November.  You know instead of a year or two later.