Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here comes Juniper Quinn

It's hard to believe but it's been a little over a month since Juniper made her appearance. She hasn't been the easiest baby by all means but there is no way I would trade her for anything.  She's cute and stubborn all built into one.

Here's a little photo essay of her arrival and the days that followed.

Here's my big ol' belly 10 days before she arrived

The view from my labor and delivery floor bed

Even though I was scheduled to have a c-section on the 27th I went into labor on the 24th and got to experience my water breaking, contractions, and then a c-section.  Fun.

 This picture must be after I got my epidural since I am not doubled over in pain

This is where they put the baby?  Looking at the clock Juniper will be born in less than 30 minutes.

He's got the haz-mat suit on

Almost time.  Look how happy I am to get cute open.

 All of the important info.  You want to make sure they don't sew you up with a needle or something left behind.

Here she comes!

She didn't care for her first bath

Luckiest mama ever!

Finley and her favorite past time watching t.v.

 Only hours old

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend

She only wanted to sleep in my bed

A juniper for Juniper

They cleaned and decorated for our homecoming 

In my bed again

Sponge bath was a little more successful at home

With her Xmas loot

This is how we live out our days.  She is almost always attached to me or she will scream.

I just have to say that I am so happy to be the luckiest Mom in the world with 2 such beautiful girls.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


We love baby ipods in this house

Yum, coffee tastes good again

Taking pictures with her leappad

Quiet and sweet

If I could marry l&l shoes I would

Never imagined I would get this Xmas card in 2012

Too bad you can't hear her rockin' out

Saturday, December 22, 2012

365 x 3

Little preppy one

Being an "Awrtist"

Little baby bunting

We had to take her for lasagna since she is obsessed with Garfield

 Cute and colorful

Matt and Finley made some great turkeys for Thanksgiving

Matt's Mr. Bill sugar cookie

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Matt really outdid himself

This is what happens when Matt and Finley paint together

Luckiest Mama ever!


Juniper Quinn

 Ready to go home

Welcome home art from Finley

Being a good big sister

First cloth diaper

Sleepy head

Lean on me

Newborns poop a lot!

Yum, I can finally eat a Hawaiian again