Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost Four!

It happens to all parents I think.  The day when you realize that your baby is actually no longer a baby.  Their faces thin out, they become more independent, shoot they just look like a kid.

Finley is approaching her 4th birthday and I was reminded that I needed to do a video question and answer with her.  I love looking back at her previous ones and seeing how she has changed both physically and mentally.

Without further ado.  Oh, and she does have a cold in this so her voice is a little raspy.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


what a little paint can do.

I've been searching thrift stores and craigslist for a cheap storage solution for our laundry room with absolutely no luck.  The room isn't huge so initially I thought maybe I would put a small desk in there with a few drawers for storage.  Then I came to my senses because nobody is going to sit in there so why not get some type of cabinet.  Duh! 

The main reason I needed something in there is so I can put the computer printer on it.  Weird I know, but there really isn't anywhere else we can put it.  I put it in the living room when we moved in because that was the only spot that wasn't piled with boxes.  Ultimately I knew I didn't want it in there forever.

After searching for over a month without finding anything promising or cheap I finally remembered that I had stored an old dresser that belonged to my late brother in law in my moms garage.  Perfect and cheap.

This is how it looked in the spot when I brought it home.  So ugly.

I knew I wanted to paint it but I didn't know what color.  I finally decided to paint the body of it gray and the drawers alternating shades of blue.  I took a scrap of the blue floor tile with me to the home store to pick out the perfect blue.  I chose a paint sample with 3 shades of blue and had the paint expert mix them in those little sample pots of paint.  I had him make 2 pots of the darkest blue so I could darken one of them at home since I needed 4 blues.  At the time it seemed the easiest way to me.  At home I just added some dark gray paint to the little pot until I got the color I wanted.

Here is the final product.  I love the way it looks.  The colors fit in perfect with the flooring and the silver/gray washer and dryer.  I also plan on hanging 2 shelves above it sometime in the near future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Swap

Since the time I was pregnant with Finley I've been part of this amazing, supportive, and creative group of women.  We all came together because we were pregnant at the same time with our November babies and have stuck with each other ever since.

Every once in a while we decide to do a arty/crafty swap where we make a little something for a secret partner.  We've done Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, but never Halloween/Fall.

I love Halloween and all of the spooky fun decorations so I jumped at the chance to join in the swap.  The criteria this time was to send 2 small crafts and 1 sweet item. 

Here is what I made for my partner.  I counted each pair of clothespin dolls as 1 item.

Here's the sweet I made.  Peanut butter, nutella, white chocolate, oreo spread.  Oh my was it delicious.

The card I made and the cute box I put it all in.

All boxed up and ready to go.

 It is always so fun waiting for everyone to get their boxes and post pictures of what they got.  Here is what my super sweet partner sent me.

Cute little banner.  Perfect for hanging on our new fireplace!

Fun little napkin rings.

Oh, and the cute little felt pouches they each came in.

Finally, instead of a sweet she made Finley a cute little shirt.

There is talk of doing a 12 days of xmas swap like the one we did a couple of years ago. I think I may just do it because this one was so much fun.