Wednesday, October 5, 2011


what a little paint can do.

I've been searching thrift stores and craigslist for a cheap storage solution for our laundry room with absolutely no luck.  The room isn't huge so initially I thought maybe I would put a small desk in there with a few drawers for storage.  Then I came to my senses because nobody is going to sit in there so why not get some type of cabinet.  Duh! 

The main reason I needed something in there is so I can put the computer printer on it.  Weird I know, but there really isn't anywhere else we can put it.  I put it in the living room when we moved in because that was the only spot that wasn't piled with boxes.  Ultimately I knew I didn't want it in there forever.

After searching for over a month without finding anything promising or cheap I finally remembered that I had stored an old dresser that belonged to my late brother in law in my moms garage.  Perfect and cheap.

This is how it looked in the spot when I brought it home.  So ugly.

I knew I wanted to paint it but I didn't know what color.  I finally decided to paint the body of it gray and the drawers alternating shades of blue.  I took a scrap of the blue floor tile with me to the home store to pick out the perfect blue.  I chose a paint sample with 3 shades of blue and had the paint expert mix them in those little sample pots of paint.  I had him make 2 pots of the darkest blue so I could darken one of them at home since I needed 4 blues.  At the time it seemed the easiest way to me.  At home I just added some dark gray paint to the little pot until I got the color I wanted.

Here is the final product.  I love the way it looks.  The colors fit in perfect with the flooring and the silver/gray washer and dryer.  I also plan on hanging 2 shelves above it sometime in the near future.


  1. thanks s&s i really love my floor too.

    valerie i believe it is satin. whatever those little $2.95 paint samples come in.

  2. That looks awesome! You have such an amazing eye, I would have passed that thing right up.

  3. well amelia it's solid wood with really nice dove tail joints so I couldn't leave it.

  4. You. Freaking. Rock.

    I wish I knew what a dove tail joint was. <3

  5. All of the above! Perfect! I just love it when things work out that way.

  6. LOVE it!!

    Lindz~dove tail joint means it is a very well made piece of furniture--it's how the drawer front attaches to the side of the drawer.