Saturday, January 28, 2012


So I've been a bit lazy on the home improvement front for the last few months.  Between all of the holidays and swaps I've been doing I just haven't made time to do anything here at the house.

I think another reason is that I am just a little overwhelmed and burnt out.  We haven't done anything major but it's all of the little things that are wearing on me.  I mean I still haven't painted the crown molding in the living room.  Also, the strings that held the paper lanterns for Finley's birthday party are still up.  If I can't even take those down man I must be lazy.

So this is where pinterest has reared her (or is it his?) head again.  I saw a pin where someone used a suspension rod from ikea to hang these little FINTROP  pots in their bathroom to store hair brushes and make-up items (I'd show you the actual post but this was one of those frustrating pins that links to nowhere).  While the pots they used are a little plain for me I knew exactly which ones I wanted to use.  I've had my eye on the ASKER pots ever since they came out.  I just couldn't find a real need for them anywhere until now.

Despite our bathroom counter being a little bit bigger than at our old house.   I have still manged to clutter up the top with my misc. beauty items.

 Old Bathroom.  How I miss that pink tile and checker floor.

New bathroom with clutter.

This is an old picture from before I put the new medicine cabinet in and painted the white strips where the old lights were.  How I wish they had left those light in.  Sniff sniff.

What I decided to do was hang my little ASKER pots on the wall right above the tile on the right side of the counter.  This is "my" side and I thought putting it on the side wall would be better than on the wall under the window.  Plus, Matt's waterpik lives there and it is really the only place to put it since the only plug is right there.

The ASKER system comes with a flush mount suspension rail and while I love the idea of it being flush against the wall I wanted a hanging bar that hung way from the wall so I could hang some of my glasses on it.  I decided to go with the BYGEL rail not only because it was the exact size I needed, but it was only $1.99.  The ASKER rail was $7.99 and the cheapy in me  couldn't spend that when I could get something for $6 cheaper.

I also decided to move the little picture on that wall because I wanted to mount a little medicine cabinet there.

Here is how it looks now.  I kinda wish I would have mounted the rail a little higher but it hasn't really bothered me enough to get out the spackle and paint.

Here is where I rehung the little picture.  I like it way better here.

Hopefully doing this little project will get me motivated to start and finish a bunch of new projects in the near future.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Better Late Than Never Right?

Remember the Halloween swap I did with my friends?  Well we did a Christmas one too.  I've been meaning to post about it but I just haven't made the time until now.

This swap is a little different than the Halloween swap in that instead of just having 1 partner to swap with you have many.  This year we had 3 groups of 8.  Basically what you do is assign each person in the group a day and they make a craft for each person in their group.  We mail out the gifts all on a certain day so everyone receives all their gifts before the begin date.  On day one you open the gift from the person who was assigned the first day.

The fun thing about this swap is depending on how many people you have you get to open presents for days and days.  It's also great to see all of the creativeness and thoughtfulness in my little group of friends.

We post each day on a blog.  Here is a link to the blog so you can check out the other 2 groups.

Here are the eight gifts that we traded among my little group.

Day 1

Day 2

 Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

I was Day 8 so that's why there are a zillion pictures.

What says Merry Christmas more than cloth menstrual pads?