Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello.....I'm still alive!

Remember me?  I had a baby almost 5 month ago and fell off the face of the earth.

Actually, truth is I got a very demanding and needy baby.  Yes all babies are needy, but this one way more than most.  She doesn't like when I put her down.  I mean I can put her down but she almost immediately starts crying.  Sometimes I can get a good 10 minutes of quiet when I put her in the excersaucer, but when she's had enough she lets you know it.

So when I want or need to get things done it has to wait until she is napping.  Like right now.  Shhhhhhh!

I decided I really want to finish up decorating and/or painting the rest of my house.  The bedrooms are pretty close but still need the windows painted.  The living room could use some pictures, the crown molding painted, and the windows painted.  You can see I have been putting off the fun stuff.  Who likes painting windows?

So I decided to start with the smallest room in the house.  The laundry room.  It was also the room that was closest to being finished.  It just needed a few wall decorations.

I saw these giant pins a while back and have been wanting them since then.  I'm cheap though so I waited until they had them on sale.  They were still expensive but I love them.  I ended up painting them since they looked a little too rustic in their original state.

So without further ado here is my lovely itsy bitsy laundry room.

Don't mind my ugly printer

I'd like to get cuter shelves at some point

A place to hang missing socks

Love these salt & pepper shakers

Our old backyard

Awesome gifts from awesome friends

Still loving my perfect floor

I love how everything turned out.  It's actually given me a little motivation to finish the rest of the house now.  If only I could keep this baby from crying.