Tuesday, March 24, 2015

365 x 2

Dress like the Cat in the Hat day

 Nice choice of pillow Clown

I smile every time I see this room

 Pool time


Equal parts sweet and naughty

Nice choice of shoes Juniper :)

 George and Ringo are excited I finally made them new bedding

 Ipads are so boring sometimes

 Finley has a new favorite movie

 Cookie fun with friends

 Missed it

 She doesn't know not to eat the core

Sister tablet bonding time

Sunday, March 8, 2015

365 x 2

 My ball girl

You blow on it Junie not eat it

Word shark

Not sure Clown wants to wear a t-shirt Finley

Juniper the artist decided to make her wall pretty

Sleeping with one trash truck isn't enough for Juniper

Owning the place again

I clearly have a clutter problem along with a lip balm problem

 Hassling my gnomes again

 Patience paid off and my Orla Kiely travel cases finally went 50% off

Tom and Jerry must be facinating

Not sure that book is big enough

Mmmmm bread

Candy thief