Monday, August 15, 2011

Finley's Room So Far

Progress on the house has been slow coming due to finances and my just being lazy. Summer months are a bit lean around here since Matt only gets paid 10 months a year.

Finley's room has been coming along pretty good despite the lack of finances. Most of the furniture that's in there now is stuff that we already had. The bed and headboard are actually the only things we have gotten new for her.

Here are a few pictures of her room so far.

Ultimately I'd like to get her a new larger rug but these will do for now.

I'm planning on painting her bookcase red since it is still green from our last room. Ultimately I'd like to find her one that is just a tad larger though.

I also need to paint the inside and outside of her closet still. It's such a pain in the butt job that I have been putting it off.

I want to paint the dresser inside of her closet at some point too. My brother had this dresser in his room when he was little. My mom painted it red, white, and blue for him.

Don't you just love the random electrical plug on the wall? I tried hiding it the best I could by painting the outlet cover the same as the wall color.

This side is looking a ton better since I took the ugly train table out. Now all of her train tracks are in the chest on the left. I'm still not sure if I want to dress the box up a bit. Maybe glue some decorative paper to the sides or something.

This side is the least finished so far. I still want to put up some shelves in the corner and also hang some music pictures on the wall. I have a poster from this show in which Matt played in 2 of the bands so I thought it would be a fun thing to put in her room.

All in all though I think it is coming along pretty well.

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  1. that random plug is just begging for some twinkle lights to be plugged in and strung across the ceiling. :)