Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Curtain Call

When we moved in almost every window in the house had these awful 2" plastic blinds. Not only are they ugly but they are literally chewed on in places.

The first thing we did when we moved in was take them down in the bedrooms, laundry room, and the windows above the kitchen sink. The laundry room and sink kitchen windows don't really need a covering so we left them naked. Oh, and one fell down in the living room so there is a temporary curtain hanging in that window.

If money grew on trees I would take them out of the living room too. I think we want to do 2" wooden blinds in there but since there are 4 windows in there, one of them being 72", that is going to cost a small fortune.

For the time being I decided to tackle the east facing kitchen windows. I didn't want to put up something that covered the whole window, I just needed something that gave a bit of privacy. I had some great fabric all picked out but the cheapy in me ran across some fabric at Ikea for only $1 a yard. One dollar a yard for decorator weight fabric! Ok, it's not my favorite and it is a bit girly for me but the finished product came out fantastic.

Here are a few before pictures. I will eventually take down the valances when we decide to paint the kitchen. There's wallpaper underneath them so I think it would look too ugly if I took them down now. Plus, I may use them to display my salt & pepper shaker collection. Oh, and don't look at the stuff on the walls. We haven't really hung anything in there yet. Matt likes to tack things to the walls.

Here are my new privacy curtains. I decided to split the large one so I can open it from the middle if I want to. I also wanted something simple and not pleated. I think they really warm the kitchen up a bit.

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