Monday, March 5, 2012




  1. whoa...that's a lot of Clementines! :)

  2. Dawn, I really love the small details you capture in your daily photos -- I think I spend WAY too much time looking at the big picture, and not enough time enjoying the smallest things. Thanks for that reminder! Love what you took this week!

  3. Where did you get that banana hanger/fruit bowl? I NEED that!

  4. thanks a ton stef. i spend way too much time trying to get the perfect picture and need to focus more on just the simple things. i also love the thought of looking back at the little snippets that we go through everyday.

    thanks dawn! i just spent a ton of time cleaning so i had to take a picture. it's happy even with the tile counters? ha ha

    allison, i got the fruit thingy at the goodwill. it was brand new so my guess is it was from target originally since they get a ton of donations from there.

  5. oh and emily it was a ton of clementines. too many since they came out looking almost the way they went in. ok too much info. finley is going to kill me in ten years if she reads this.

    1. Hi Dawn, just checking out your site.
      Love your photos and really love your kitchen! So cheery and fun :)
      - Dana