Sunday, June 24, 2012

365 Double Again!

Best yard sale sign ever!  Thanks for bringing it home for me Matt.

It's never a good idea to make Rice Krispie treats in this house

Lovely new 9" fiesta buffet plates.  Best plate size ever.

Backyard fun

Practicing ball

Being lazy again

Taking a chance with a Wittlebee box

 Yummy new lip gloss

Lovely smile

Where she loves to be

Craving salad

On the train to San Diego

Oh there's the mom

Aerial tramway


  1. Wow, you can really see what Finley's gonna look like when she's older in that last picture. GORGEOUS!!
    Love it all. Especially that yard sale sign... and the fact that Matt brought it home. If I'm in charge of FCNS signs next year, I'm keeping this in mind.

  2. there's mom....AND the sweet baby bump!