Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guess what?

I finally did something around the house.

Not only have I been completely lazy because of this pregnancy, I have been totally burnt out on home improvement projects.  I guess at a certain point I just got overwhelmed with all of the little things and just gave up.

As I was lounging in bed the other afternoon I started thinking about all of the stuff I want to make for the baby.  Most of it involves sewing which in turn involves ironing.  That got me thinking about a project I have had on my list since we moved in over a year ago.

I have this great little wall ironing board in the kitchen that tucks away in its own little cabinet.  The main problem with it is that it was covered in some old nasty fabric.  (Ok, I just spent 12 days looking for the pictures I took of the old nasty cover and now I can't find them.  It is possible that this baby is eating the small portion of the brain I have left.)

Oh well.  Imagine a dingy little cupboard with an ironing board covered in stained what I assume "was" white and blue striped fabric.

I had some paint left over from painting the back door blue so I used that to paint the inside of the cabinet.  I also used the same blue to paint the underside of the board which shows when it is up.  Being one that has nearly everything I used one of the new ironing board cover cushions that I have a whole box of to provide heat absorption and cushion on my newly covered board.

This is where it gets a tad frustrating.  I figured I'd use my mom's serger to serge the edges of my new cover so I didn't have to hem them.  Never mind that I have never used it before.  Well that thing is a pain to thread.  Not only that but once I got it threaded I couldn't get the tension right.  That was 2 hours wasted.  I decided to just zig zag the edges with the plain old sewing machine instead.

Here is how it all came out.  There was a little indention on the inside of the door so I cut and painted some cork to put there for a bulletin board.  I think it came out rather cute.

don't mind the peeling white paint around the bottom edge.  someday the cabinets will get painted too.  someday.

notice someone wanted to get in the picture


  1. perfect! and I'm sorry if I'm the one that gave you the bug to get the serger out, it is a huge pain to thread! and then with the tension off....argh. I still haven't gotten mine figured out.

    1. It is totally your fault Amelia! I may just not have the stupid thing threaded right. It was threaded but I stupidly took out that thread as I was threading the new thread. After the fact my mom told me I should have just tide the new thread to the old and it would pull it through on its own. duh.

  2. I love it! That pattern is perfect!