Friday, November 2, 2012

Making room for one more

When we found out we were having another girl I think both Matt and I were a bit relieved.  I know we both said we didn't care either way beforehand but the logistics of having a boy were going to be a bit harder.  We just bought a 2 bedroom house a year and a half ago and we don't plan on moving ever again.

I know Finley could have shared a room with a brother but I think that would only last for so long.  I mean I couldn't see her being happy at 15 sharing with a 10 year old boy.  She actually probably won't want to share with her sister at that point but I guess she'll have no choice.  Ha ha.

Plus, deep down we both really wanted another girl anyways.  The look of happiness we gave each other when they said "girl" is something I will remember forever.

Now the fun part.  Decorating.  I knew I wanted to go with the colors and such that Finley already had going on in her room.  Blue walls with touches of red.  I also knew I wanted to add another accent color as I was actually getting a little bored of just the red and blue.

I ended up finding the perfect material with red, blue, grey, and orange to make the crib skirt out of.   I also added a little strip of the fabric to the edge of a breathable bumper for a little extra flair.  I am not one to use a regular bumper as I am not comfortable with the risks involved that's why I didn't make a traditional style bumper.

Here are some photos of the completed room makeover.  I had to get rid of the toy storage we had to make room for Juniper's crib and dresser.  Another lucky plus is the hand me down crib we have matches Finley's headboard perfect.

The photos actually make the room look pretty crowded but there is a ton of room in the middle for playing and stuff.

I hung the top shelf a little too high and plan on moving it down some day.  Yeah, some day.

 Some of Junipers cute tiny newborn diapers.

One of the changing pad covers I made.

Little taggies toys I made from scraps.

Finley's side of the closet.

Juniper's side of the closet.  Also a huge thank you to my mom for building these storage shelves for me!!!

I think the whole thing turned out really well.  I do wish we had a little more space but until we add another bedroom somewhere this is how it will have to be.