Thursday, February 19, 2015

365 x 2

x 2 because I am lazy.  lol

 Best Valentine's Day gift ever!

 Midweek lunch date with my sweet

 Loves drawing

 For some reason I decided to make tamales.  I think I gained 10 lbs

 The life of a mother.  Twelve thousand beads and fruity pebbles smashed into the carpet


 Pony-o hell again

 Sister lunch

 Got 70 of them done just in time for school.  I can't wait until Juniper starts school then I can add another 30

 Family trip to Union Station

 Happy marker face

I came outside and clown's head was poking out of the tent.  Silly dog

So excited to be telling me about her game of Terraria

Oh, and I volunteered to do the dugout baskets too.  ugh.

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