Friday, February 4, 2011

Sneak peek

The first Friday of every month Downtown Fullerton hosts an art walk. It is always fun for Matt and I to walk down and see all the fun stuff.

This month our dear friends Mike & Pam from Out of Vogue & Otto asked us each to create something for their Factory of Love group show at Otto.

Matt already had a painting of Dogwoo (our dog that passed away last year) that he decided to put in the show. Why a painting of a boxer dog? Dogwoo had a patch of white hair on her chest amongst all of the fawn that looked just like a heart. So when Matt painted me the picture for my birthday last he made sure to paint that heart in.

I on the other hand had to start from scratch. I decided to redo one of the ATC that I did last year when I traded amongst my friends. The other I enameled a "heart" and fashioned a little frame around it.

Here is a little sneak peek for those of you that can't make it down to see them in all of their 2.5" x 3.5" glory.

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