Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Finds

I love going to the thrift store. I have a ton to choose from in my area which is great. The problem is the mustache wearing hipsters love them too.

Every once in a while I get lucky though. Yesterday I found these beauties.

An awesome enamel percolator, a le creuset trivet, and a le creuset sauce pan. LOVE!

Funny thing about le creuset is that out of the 7 pieces I have, 5 of them have come from the thrift store. 4 in perfect condition.

The best thing about it is that normally the workers at the thrift stores don't know the real value of them so the price them really cheap. Like under $10. Lucky me.

Now I just need to find a le creuset frying pan and my collection will be complete.


  1. Um, DROOL! I collect percolators. Gorgeous specimens!

  2. So funny Lindsey because I thought of you when I bought it. I remembered you praising the delicious coffee percolators make.

  3. I love the color. Fantastic find!

  4. JEALOUS!! LOVE the color!!!

    (And LAWLS-- my word verification is "hydumbo". Hi, dumbo. Kidding.)