Saturday, January 1, 2011



Hard to believe it but in a couple of months Matt and I are actually going to be homeowners.

It's been a along time coming.

Not that we didn't want to become homeowners earlier, it's just that home prices here in Southern California have been super inflated and there was no possible way we could even think about it until now.

For the last 9 years we have lived in a small 1 bed/1 bath duplex. In that time we have grown so much.

We got engaged
We got married
We graduated college with a BA, teaching credential, and Masters
We got a puppy (Isabel Clownsnack)
We lost a pup (Maia Dogwoo)
We got good jobs
We got out of debt
We lost loved ones (Matt's Mom and Brother)
and the biggest change
We had our daughter Finley Jane

We knew from the minute we got pregnant that we would have to think about moving. Sharing a room with Finley has not been a huge deal to us but we knew the time would come where we would need the extra room. Now 3 years later (yes Finley is now 3) we are busting at the seams and the news that we will actually buy a house has come at a great time.

So many emotions keep running through my head. Excitement about our new space combined with the sadness of leaving a house and neighborhood I love. I know in the long run that the move is the best thing for us so that keeps me motivated and happy.

I hope to keep up with our changes here. Finley probably won't remember a lot about the move so I hope that in the years to come she can look back at this and see the big step we took with her along for the ride.


  1. I love your blog already! Can't wait to keep up with you this way...and see more pictures of Miss Finley!

  2. yayyyy! so excited you have a blog going :) a little way for me to catch up on the daily chats that I miss so much!!!