Saturday, January 8, 2011

obsessed with paint colors

All I have been thinking about is paint colors.

The house isn't even officially ours yet and I am already painting it in my head. I've already made 2 trips to Home Depot for paint swatches.

I know what color I want to paint Finley's room I just don't know the shade.

Same goes for the living room. I want a nice medium gray in there that will look good with our green couch and eventually look good with our awesome sectional we are going to recover. The fabric for that is kinda a blueish green. So the gray will be good for both couches.

I think.


As far as our bedroom I have no clue. I am inclined to go with another gray tone but Matt has already made fun of me for suggesting it. He thinks the whole house is going to end up a shade of gray.

He has a point though because I really want to paint the kitchen gray too. Here are a couple of the Realtors pictures of the kitchen as it is now.

It's definitely a little yellow for my taste. I can see where they were going though. Blue and yellow do look good in kitchens, but that yellow is a bit too saturated for me. Although, maybe it lowers your appetite or something. Since we aren't painting the kitchen right away I'll test that theory.

Back to the gray for the kitchen. I'm thinking a light gray will really brighten it up in there and will look perfect with the blue counters. Then I can add pops of orange with accessories like towels, pot holders, canisters, etc.

I think if I ever get tired of the orange stuff I will have a lot of other colors that will look good in there too. Maybe even yellow.


  1. That is so funny because I've been obsessed with grey, too. I want to paint the boys' room that and the scrapbooky!

  2. I want to paint my craft room either grey or yellow to go with the Amy Butler grey and yellow wallflower fabric I love!

    I was reading about whole house paint schemes on this cool blog called It's a young couple who blogged through the redo of their first house, and just moved into a new one, so it's fun to be following along from the beginning this time. Anyhoo, they talked about how a whole house paint scheme creates flow and unity. Now I'm mentally repainting every room in my house, haha! Here's the link:

  3. Jennie, thanks for being my first comment.

    Thanks for the link Lindsey. Love blogs like that.