Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do you pack a backyard?

I obviously don't mean the dirt and grass. I mean all of the little tchotchkes that we've gathered during our time here.

We have a weird inclination to decorate our yard in a rather informal way. We tend to collect objects and display them throughout our yard as we find them.

Funny thing is we have a lot of religious iconography yet neither one of us is particularly religious.

We also have a bunch of weird stuff.

I'm pretty sure I won't be packing the doll leg.


  1. Sitting here laughing at the doll leg...lying in the clover. That doll didn't have the best of luck...huh?

    Beautiful treasures in your backyard Dawn!

  2. Yeah, Doll Leg is a bit creepy... but LOVE the minutae of your backyard treasures!

  3. I admit the doll leg is a bit creepy. I think it is a left over from a art piece I did in college that involved palm fronds, twine, stain, baby dolls, and bit of leaves.

    Good thing I don't have pictures of that. :)