Tuesday, January 18, 2011

True grit

Matt and I went to the movies yesterday which is always a treat for us. We love just being with each other in the dark of the theater leaning upon one another.

Yesterday was especially nice since Finley was being a total pill box all morning. She is at this stage where she won't listen to anything I say to her. She throws things, she spits and thinks it's funny, she hits, etc. Just pure joy to be around. I admit that some of it probably has to with us being permissive parents with little discipline in place.

Great parents I know.

I'd like to think some of it also has to do with the fact she is 3. I hear 3 is far worse than 2. At 2 she wasn't all that bad so I guess she is making up for it now. Add to it that she is a really spirited child. Really. I know a lot of parents use this term but I truly believe Finley broke the mold when she was made.

Leaving her with Grandpa John yesterday lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders. It gave us a break that we really needed after a morning of bickering and crying.

Funny thing about this whole thing is that in the last scene in the movie Mattie Ross says,

"Time just gets away from us."

Simple line with a whole lot of meaning.

First thing that popped into my head after hearing it was that I couldn't wait to go pick up Finley.

Because time really does get away from us.

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