Monday, July 18, 2011

A Bit of Progress

4 months in and I am proud to say we are making a bit of progress. We've moved all of the random boxes out of the house and into the garage. There's still some painting to do but we are taking it in stride and doing what we can.

Our bedroom is coming together more and more everyday. We still need a headboard and a couple of more pieces of art on the walls. I plan on making a fabric covered headboard as soon as I can find some fabric I like. As for the art I'm not completely sure what I should make yet.

Here are a few pictures I took a while back. Since these pictures were taken Matt has finished painting and installing the closet cupboards, I hung the curtains from actual curtain rods instead of just tension rods, and our handy man replaced the duct vent when he redid the air and heat ducting a couple weeks ago.

My dresser

You see I found a solution to my necklace storage problem. $19 at Urban Outfitters

My Maia Dogwoo shrine. Morbid I know.

Matt's dresser. Those are all my chapsticks not his. I have a slight chapstick problem. My favorite is lip smacker Dr pepper. It gives just a tint of color and shine.

Sorry the photos are all such tight shots. At this point I don't own any wider lenses.


  1. It is so great in person! I was going to ask you about that rug...I love it!

  2. Shut up.

    I have been addicted to Dr. Pepper chapstick for over 10 years.

    It was one of the few things I bought in bulk and carried around with me all over Europe for 2 years.

    I have a very funny story about a super sized Dr. Pepper chapstick but I shall not tell it here on the internet. :)

    (By the way, I love the room.)

  3. I LOVE your side table/vanity! Love your style!!

  4. LOVE the green! gorgeous choice!

  5. I have the SAME quilt from Urban on my bed! Love it. Hate that it's dry clean only.

  6. Molly, i just wash mine in the washer on delicate. with a dog that sleeps on the bed it would be a huge pain to take it to the cleaners all of the time. the batting has lumped up a bit but i can live with that for the convenience of machine washing.