Friday, July 8, 2011

To Barbie or Not to Barbie?

Back when I was still working part-time and my wonderful sister was watching Finley for me it came to my attention that Finley really enjoyed playing Barbies with my niece. The first thought that came into my somewhat feminist mind was, "Heck no! I don't want Finley playing with barbies!" The more I thought about it, though, I came to the conclusion that I was being way too silly. I mean what is it going to hurt if she plays with Barbie? I was secretly hoping that maybe she would just be like me and want to cut their hair off and draw weird make-up on their faces.

Since Finn didn't have any Barbies at home at the time, I did what any loving mother would do, I went down to the Goodwill hoping to find a few for her to start out with. Much to my luck it appeared that a collector of sorts had either died or decided to give up their Barbie habit. On my first trip I not only scored one new in the box gem, but two new in the box gems.

If you know me you won't be surprised at how happy I was to find these out of the ordinary "Barbies". The bad thing is that it started a slight obsession to find funny and weird dolls for my daughter.

Here are a few pictures of our current collection.

The whole bunch.

starting at the top left
one of those guys from twilight, Drew Barrymore from Charlies Angels, Cameron Diaz from Charlies Angles, and Vanna White in her Aspen outfit

starting bottom left
Chuckie Cheese Barbie (i know she isn't famous but she does have pizza, tokens, and tickets),
Donald Trump (the great thing about this one is he talks when you push a button on his back)

Here are a few closeups.

Would you like some tickets and tokens?

I still need the Lucy Liu doll to complete this set. Also, they are a tad creepy in that their bodies are a little too real.

The famous Donald. He is a little stiff but says funny stuff like, "I should fire myself just for having you around," and "Brand yourself and toot your own horn."

My personal favorite and Finley's newest doll, Vanna White. This is no ordinary Vanna, this is Aspen Vanna, complete with florescent ski suit, goggles, skis, and poles. I am a bit disappointed that we didn't find Vanna goes to Italy, Vanna goes to Spain, or all American Vanna.

Check out the great insert in Vanna's box. If we had the workout equipment all the dolls could use it to get fit.

So if you guys run across a great Barbies remember to think of me. I mean Finley.


  1. Aspen Vanna for the win! She's fab.

  2. You are the awesomest mom ever!

  3. you are the coolest. seriously.

  4. I love that among her travels to Italy and Aspen, Vanna makes it to the Home Shopping Network!