Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Touching Up

I think I may have seen this idea on pinterest only they used baby food jars to store the paint. Since I couldn't find my stash of baby food jars I used some mason jars that I scored for only $2.95 for 12. I actually like the mason jars better because they are cuter and hold a bit more paint.

I filled each jar with the paints that we have used in the house so when I need a quick touch up I can just grab the needed color from the cabinet and get to touching up. I then made little labels for the top to identify which room the paint goes with. So easy and now I don't have to trek out to the garage the next time I need a dab of paint.


  1. We did this with all of our mostly empty paint cans a couple of years ago (some of ours are in big jars, some in the size you have) and I have been SO happy to have them that way. It's such a great idea for space saving. The one thing I didn't mark... sheen. I should have, because I have forgotten.

  2. oooh. i should mark brand, color, and sheen too. thanks mel!

  3. Awesome idea! LOVE it...I am so using this idea at the nxt houes!