Monday, June 6, 2011

Hair Styler

Finley has been into getting and giving new "hair stylers" lately. I was a bit surprised though the other day when I came home from running errands to see this.

While I was gone Finley asked Matt to give her a styler and this is what he came up with. Talk about melt my heart. I had no idea he had it in him. I'd say Finley is pretty darn lucky to have such a great Dad. He even used matching rubber bands!


  1. cute! Nathan is afraid so he combs and then gives the girls headbands! Hahaha

  2. Love. Love her, love you and Matt is just the sweetest!! The compound in Trona is looking better and better...

  3. Jennie don't even get me started on Trona. i mean we could go in together and get this A Frame vacation house for less than $100 a month each.
    imagine the crafty weekends here. we'd have to do them in them in the winter because you know the summer would be 120 degrees but who can pass up this bargain. :)