Friday, February 24, 2012

Thrity Finds

I think I may have found the best label maker ever!

Remember those Dymo label makers that you put the little tape in and twirled the little letter/number wheel to spell out what you wanted?  Well I still have one of those little plastic ones.  It's not as fancy as some of those new battery operated ones but I love the look of the labels it makes.  I often use it for art and cards.  I do have a few of the new fangled label makers too, but I use those primarily for labeling boxes and stuff.

Well I was at the thrift store the other day and I found this beauty for only $5.99.

A DELUXE DYMO!!!  Who knew they even made these?  This thing is fancy.  Not only does it come in a fancy plastic box it comes with extra font wheels that you can change out.  It's made of metal too.  This thing is seriously heavy duty.  Not only is it the most awesome thing ever, it also came with a roll of avocado green tape.  Yes, a roll of my most favorite color ever. 

Now you may think that my label making collection is complete.  Not so much.  As I was searching around for info in this one I found out there is also one that embosses metal.  If you have one of these can you please mail it to me.  I think then my label maker collection would be complete.


  1. You are awesome! I love you so!

  2. I just eBayed that metal embosser, holy heck those are expensive! I'll be on the lookout to complete your label maker collection. Avocado green tape!!! It was sitting there waiting just for you.