Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back at the wheel

So obviously consistency is not my thing.  Either that or I am so completely boring and I don't have anything to post.  It may be a little of both I guess. 

I did the 365 picture thing a while ago and have loved looking back at those daily photos.  The fun things, the beautiful things, the hard things, all things.  I've decided to do it again this year.  Not only to remember to capture the little things but also to break me from using my phone camera all of the time.

Hopefully I stick with it for all 356 days.

 This pup loves loves loves playing with one of her 20 million tennis balls

 Despite the less than thrilled look this one loved the snow

 If only the last remnants of Christmas would put itself away

 So glad she is getting so much use out of her sweaters this winter

 We're changing this ones name to Mojo

 Still a pinch of Indiana mud on these puppies

 Poor sick little thing

 Some chicken soup for my sick little

 A late birthday present is in the works

 Found exactly what I set out for

 It was a toss-up between the ac/dc socks and the pink eye of the liger socks today

 Hannibal Finley


Sure you can have an apple Junie.  Maybe next time you can eat a little more of it though

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