Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Girls

As much as I love the new house there are two other girls that ADORE the new house. Both Finley and Isabel Clownsnack have been having a blast spreading their wings. They both have so much more room to run around it has made them both a little easier to deal with.

I say a little because my sweet little Finley is seriously right in the middle of the terrible 3's. Testing not only my patience but Daddy's as well. It must be pretty bad when even Daddy uses a strong voice towards Finley.

Clown loves going out every morning and laying in the sunshine. Don't mind the dirt and rubbish about. We're working on it.

Then on to her favorite thing to do, playing ball. Never mind that she would rather keep it away from you then have you throw it.

Look at that dog smile.

She also loves looking out the front window.
We lived in a back duplex before so she couldn't really see what was going on out front.

I'm kinda glad Finley didn't have her own room before because now she really loves her new room. It's the first thing she wants to show anyone who comes over to visit. She loves playing in there. She also got a new Big big girl bed. Which I love because now I can lay in bed with her and read to her.

The layout makes a perfect circle for Finley to be able to run around.

She also likes the new chair clowny won. She uses it to play her games and listen to records.

Because she decided to become a graffiti artist...

we punished her by making her mow the lawn.

She does get to have a little fun outside playing bubbles and stuff.

Here she is plotting her next graffiti tag. You can just tell that little brain is up to something.

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