Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Progress Report

I thought I would give you all a little progress video of sorts. There really hasn't been a ton of progress other than moving in tremendous amounts of junk. We still have a ton to do but it is feeling like home to us already.


  1. LOVE it!! I LOVE your furniture. I totally want to get rid of all our stuff and replace it with sleaker mid-century modern stuff but Pete said no. Something about money and not having any. Whatever. I also really love your front, I like the side steps with the little patio (and the chairs are totally cute) and then the flowerbed along the front. I replayed that part 50 times trying to sketch it out, I hate the front of our house. Anyway, long way to go as with any move, but the house is just so YOU, I love it.

  2. yay! It won't take 20 years:) Love ya!