Friday, April 1, 2011

Just the Beginning

We officially moved into our new house 6 days ago. The weird thing about it is I thought that I was going to be really sad to leave the place where we had lived so long, but I haven't missed it one bit. From the first night here at the new place it has felt like home. Like we have lived here forever.

In between opening boxes and moving piles of stuff I have been painting. Finn's room first, then our room. I knew what color I wanted to paint Finley's room for a long time. Our room not so much. I asked Matt what color he wanted and he said green. Loved his answer as green is my favorite color.

We also had our friend Jerry put in a new sub-floor in our room since there was only some old icky carpet padding in there. Since we can't afford carpeting right now I just painted the floor with patio paint for an urban, garage, home depot kind of look.

I also painted the closet in our room with some blue oops paint from Home Depot and added the cheapo closet organizer from our old closet. Notice how I didn't split the closet equally? My side is a little bit bigger. I would have taken even more space if I thought I could get away with it. I also re-purposed some Flor tiles I had by lining them on the bottom of the closet. I like the way it turned out.

Here are a few little before and after peaks.

Finley's room


  1. LOVE it already. Flor tiles in the closet? Genius!

  2. Oh Dawn, this is going to be so AWESOME!!!!! I am seriously so excited to see every detail of what you do.

  3. Super duper excited to see how everything turns out!!! You have so much creativity bursting out of your mind. Blows me away!

  4. GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see it for myself!!

  5. Yay! So glad you have your own home:) Lookin' fwd to all the details:)))))

  6. wahoo! Its going to look so awesome!